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Accessories for freshwater-aquaristic:
We offer everything to you to the topic of fish and plants. From all considerable manufacturers such as Eheim, JBL, Dennerle, Tetra, Sera, Juwel, Easy Life, Arcadia, de Bary, Prodibio, Omega One, Easy Blade, and some more.
Accessories for seawater-aquaristic:
We are also well sorted at the topic seawater, reef aquarium, coralls, anemones, invertebrates and sea water fish from manufacturers such as Aqua Medic, Tunze, TropicMarin, Papillon, Preis, JBL, Cyclop Eeze, Red Sea, Joes Juice, Nightsun, GroTech, CaribSea, Salifert and so on.
Nano-aquaristics fresh/sea-water:
Whether an aquarium at the desk or several breeding basins in the cellar – you will find in any case the correct accessories for your freshwater or marine nano.


Cat accessories and cat supply
We would like to lead our customer user-friendly and fast through our well assorted online-shop to the desired product. You can find wet food, dry food, treats, cat trees, cat doors, cat nip, cleaning- and safety articles, pet care products, resting places and beds and much more.
High stock level and quick order processing
We offer a constantly growing assortment. Due to our well assorted stock you can be sure of an immediate handling and a fast shipment of your order.


Dog accessories and dog supply
Of course we also offer a large selection of products for your dogs as wetfood, dryfood, treats, goodies, collars, leashes, harnesses, training accessories, fur care and claw care, cups, toys, transportation, resting places and beds, garden protection products and much more.
Package supply, transparency and security
We attach importance to greatest possible transparency of your orders. At any time all orders and your data can be controlled by you.
General information and experience
Due to experience of many years we know our assortment very well. Do not hesistate to contact us for information. Of course we are a specialized trade for pets and have all the necessary examinations.



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